FisherKids Responsibility Station: Product Review and Giveaway

*This giveaway has ended.*
“If I fish for you, you eat for a day. If I teach you to fish, you eat for a lifetime.” -Lao Tzu
Teaching a child responsibility is the mission of FisherKids. Jennifer Beck and her husband found a system that encouraged responsibility in each of their three children and now offer this wonderful system to other parents as well.
The “responsibility station” has multiple components to encourage your child in the journey towards becoming a responsible adult. The entire system connects to a steel pegboard and is aesthetically pleasing to boot! Here are the components:
  • Responsibility dry-erase magnet with weekly schedule:  This is where your child’s “chores” are recorded. Some jobs are simply a part of being a family and some chores are compensated with a commission (an allowance that is earned, not just given). One job that we chose for big brother to do, as a member of our family, is to put his toys away before naptime and nighttime. He does not receive anything for doing this (besides just a “great job” and a hug).
    • Choose-A-Chore Hanging Basket:  This basket holds craft sticks on which various chores may be written. The craft sticks that come with the kit are engraved with the words, “thank you” to encourage mutual respect between parents and children. On the responsibility magnet, you can also elect one of the bullet points any number of chores you wish. Because Big Brother is brand-new to this system, we have elected him to only do one additional chore a day. Some chores we have included in the “Choose-a-Chore” basket are:  set the table, make your bed, dust the baseboards with a sock, help sort laundry. These are all things that Big Brother enjoys doing already (with lots of help, of course). He gets 10 cents for each chore (so he will be earning a commission of 60-70 cents each week). This will obviously increase the older he gets.
    • Paycheck Tear Pad:  Once the chores are completed each day, your child will record those chores as well as what “commission” he earned on his paycheck tear pad. He will then add his total for the week and submit it to you on “Pay Day.” This will be a great resource once Big Brother gets a little older, but for now we have elected not to use the Tear Pad and give him a daily “commission” instead (so that the positive reward is more immediate).
  • “Save It”, “Spend It”, and “Give It” Money Bags:  Once your child has earned her commission, now it is important to teach her what to do with her money. These bags offer your child a way to responsibly handle her money while working towards a desired purchase all at the same time. The “Spend It” bag is also a wonderful way of encouraging your child in delaying gratification by allowing her to save her money for an item she would like to purchase. The “Save It” bag should act as long-term savings and eventually be taken to the bank to open a savings account. The “Give It” bag is an excellent way to instill in your child a generous spirit. This money can be given to a church, charity, or organization. How you divide up the money is completely up to you and your family (and should eventually be handed over to your child to decide once she is older). To make things simple, we have decided that the money will be divided equally into the bags (meaning 10 cents in each bag).

Everything needed (hanging hardware, a parent’s guide, and a marker too) is included in an adorably personalized box, delivered to your door. We put our Responsibility Station in our office right by our garage, and placed it low enough that Big Brother can reach it.

I have been so impressed with this system–it truly makes it easy to know how to instill a sense of responsibility in your children. Big Brother really enjoys “being a helper” and doesn’t have to be nagged to do chores (yet), which makes me think that this is the perfect time to start this system…while it is something positive that will then be turned into a habit!

Would you like to win a FisherKids Responsibility Station for your family??? You will have until Friday at 10am (CST) to enter. I will randomly draw a winner at that time. You can enter three separate times by doing each of these three things. Enter once or enter three times, it’s up to you! Just make sure to leave a SEPARATE comment for each entry and include your e-mail address (don’t worry- I’ll delete the comments after the giveaway is over):

(Sorry. This giveaway has ended.)

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