Homemade “Learn to Write ABC’s” Board

Guest Post by Tessa of Family Made Simple


My preschooler has been showing some interest in learning to write. Needless to say,  I quickly ran to the nearby learning store to look for some tools. Boy, was I surprised at the cost of the stencils, wipe and write boards and practice sheets. I couldn’t bring myself to spend the asking $30 or more for such a tool.


I was determined to come up with a less expensive way to teach my daughter to write her ABC’s.


I got it…a homemade wipe & write practice board using an inexpensive poster board!




·         ABC’s or Plain Poster Board

·         Contact Paper

·         Wipe Board Marker


How To:

1. If you can’t find a poster with the ABC’s already printed on it, you can easily write the ABCs on a poster board.

2. Cover the front and back of the poster with contact paper. Go slow to insure you don’t leave any bubbles or wrinkles. You want to have a smooth finished product.


Now, your child can practice writing ABC’s using a dry erase marker, wipe off and try again! Once she feels more comfortable with this, you can write “sight words” on index cards and cover with contact paper to use for practicing writing words.


Learning should be fun, but teaching shouldn’t be expensive!


Tessa is the founder of the Family Made Simple parenting blog , the Family Made Simple Facebook page and mom to a very inquisitive 3-year old wanna’-be princess!

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  1. Love it!!! I just printed off letters and put them in a 3 ring binder in a page protector and gave my son a dry erase marker. But I LOVE the board idea! Going to my dollar store!!! :) Thanks for sharing.

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