How to get crayon off the wall…

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Just in case your budding artists decides to expand his masterpiece to the walls in nearly every room of the house while you’re on the phone…

Dryer sheets work wonders for removing crayon! Place the dryer sheet on top of your pointer finger and rub, rub, rub until it comes off.

If, however, you need tips on how to keep your cool after this happens, don’t ask me!


  1. My budding artist of a 2 yr old does this every day! Thanks so much for the tip, I've got plenty of places to go try it out on! =)

  2. My two year old must have been talking to yours today. ;) Except…do you have any tips for getting crayon out of carpet? I plan to google it later… :)

  3. wow! thanks!!! our 2-year old decided to be creative when he was upstairs! i've been using a magic eraser and it gets some of it off.

    anyone know how to get chalk off the walls?? i tried using the eraser, and it kinda just smeared everything :P

  4. don't know about chalk but wd-40 ( a spray lubricant) gets many greasy stains out of all kinds of things….it can be washed out after it dissolves the greasy stain. Of course, test it on the material/fabric first in an inconspicuous spot….also, hydrogen peroxide mixed with equal parts tide and water used as a soak/prewash gets unbelievable stains out of clothing/washables. Other than the magic eraser that's all I got! Be careful with the magic erasers though; they are abrasive….I took thie color out of my laminate countertop with one…. :O

  5. Mr. Clean Magic Sponge!!!! It takes off crayon, marker and may even take off that chalk!

    Carla (I know it says anonymous, but I couldn't get my google acct to work, sorry)

  6. oo boo… Sammy did this once.. he drew a very lovely rainbow…. to bad it was on my wall! Toothpaste is also a miracle worker!

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