Is Anybody Listening?


Do you ever feel like no one is listening to a word you say?

You suddenly feel as if you’ve become Charlie Brown’s teacher:

“Clean up your toys”…whah, whah, whah.

“Eat your food”…whah, whah, whah.

“Don’t forget to wash your hands”…whah, whah, whah, whah, whah, whah.

“Be nice to your brother”…whah, whah, whah, whah, whah.

We’ve had a few of those episodes in recent months where I seriously think I need to get my children’s hearing checked! They can just go about their business without even really listening to a word I’m saying!

And as much as I would love to claim that I have absolutely no part in creating this poor habit, I’ve found that I can do exactly the same thing:  to my husband, to my children, and to my friends.

I can hear that something audible is coming out of their mouths and I can even follow along somewhat, but I’m not truly hearing them. I’m too busy folding laundry, replying to e-mails, or doing the dishes.

Sometimes we foolishly think that listening is something passive…because something is said, we automatically absorb it through osmosis or something. Listening is both an active verb and it is a skill that must be practiced frequently.

This is just another way that parenthood is like a mirror…it reveals all of the areas in our lives that need our attention. I’m thinking perhaps I need to get some ears like Little Brother to help me be a better listener!


*For your information, this entire post was composed out of my great desire to use this picture of Little Brother with his “listening ears” in Bible class. :)



  1. I love that you made a whole post to show off a picture lol! Seriously though, I really appreciate your blog and your willingness to share your struggles and triumphs with us.

  2. I love the ears. Thank you for all you do through this blog. I have learned so much about how to teach my little girl from reading your posts.

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