A Lesson Learned: Too Much Like Me

As Big Brother is getting older…I’m seeing more of us in him. He gets his energy, compassion, and enthusiasm for life from his Daddy. He gets a lot of things from me, though, but many of them are things I wish he wouldn’t have gotten from me.

For example, he overreacts (totally me) and is kind of a baby when he gets hurt (this sounds all too familiar). And he has been saying “dang it” lately…something I’m sorry to say, he’s heard come from my mouth a time or two.

Sometimes I watch him and think I’m looking in a mirror (he doesn’t really look like me, but he has A LOT of similar personality traits). I often get discouraged when I see those negative behaviors I know he got from me. Why can’t I be a good example? Why do I lose my patience? Why do I sometimes shout? Why do I say “dang it” when I’ve told myself a hundred times not to say that in front of the kids!

That’s when I’m thankful for grace…and forgiveness. Both for myself and for my children.

Having an imperfect parent is actually a blessing to my children. They get to see, from the start, that we all need God’s grace…especially their crazy Mama. Just like children need to be able to fail gracefully, they also need to see me fail gracefully as well.

So, even though I will strive all of my days to be the best example for my children as possible…sometimes this includes admitting I’m wrong, asking for forgiveness, and seeking the pure and ever-flowing grace of God!


  1. You have no idea how much this post is speaking directly to me today! Thank you for your transparency and for reminding me that my job is not to be perfect for them, but to point them to the One who is. God bless!

  2. Coming from another mom of 2 young boys…I truly needed this today. It's been a long hard day with many mistakes. Thank you for your words and for following God's call to write them. God bless you and your family!

  3. This post could not have come at a better time. Thank you so much for sharing with such honesty.

  4. Oh…I feel this today. Strong-headed as I am. Throws his laundry on the floor like Daddy! Throws away anything that resembles trash (even if it's not) like me. Puts the ketchup EXACTLY where it goes like me. Gets angry pretty quickly like me. Snuggles like his dad. Ugh. Sometimes it's the good we pass on; sometimes it's the bad. But I do love that God helps us to humble ourselves and apologize to our children as needed. I'm pretty sure we actually had a conversation like this: "I think the reason you are so angry about this is because you've seen Momma angry about this. I'm sorry I did that. I shouldn't have gotten so mad. Please forgive me. Let's try to be more like Jesus." D: "Okay, Momma. Jesus not get mad lots, huh?" {and then he snuggles}

  5. Truly inspiring. Thank you so much. I often have to remind myself that no mistake I can make in my parenting will put my child in a place where God cannot reach them and make a difference in their lives. Thanks again.

  6. Thank you for your transparency! I think we mamas need to give each other mama grace because we are all flawed.
    Just to share in the transparency, my 2 year old boy told an older man in the store the other day, "Move out of my way, people!" Hmmm…sounds like something his mama says while driving the car sometimes!!
    But you are absolutely right that being imperfect is a blessing. Trying to appear "perfect" for our kids only pushes them to live their life apart from the Father. Thank you!

  7. Thank you for sharing… it is so timely. You are a very wise mom, and I can see that God's wisdom is with you. God spoke to my heart, through your post.

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