MAKE IT: Children’s Art Display

We have a stainless-steel refrigerator. And since I don’t want scratches on it from magnets, we’ve been taping Big Brother’s artwork to our pantry door. This has been a problem because the tape doesn’t stay and we are constantly having to re-hang things.

The wall above our garage-sale kid’s kitchen set is blank (we moved into this house 5 months ago), so I thought this would make for a perfect place for Big Brother’s artwork.

Here’s what you’ll need:  a bulletin board (I bought mine for $7.99 at Target),  1/2 yd. fabric (again–leftover from another project), white paint, and thumbtacks. Oh, and a handy husband who doesn’t mind hanging the bulletin board. :)

1. Paint the edges of your bulletin board. I didn’t care to tape it since the fabric would eventually be covering the inside of the bulletin board anyway.

2. Cut a piece of fabric large enough to cover the entire cork area.

3. Fold the edges under for a more finished look.

4. Use thumbtacks to secure the fabric around the edge.

5. As you can see, mine has some wrinkles. Prince Charming kindly asked if I wanted him to get the iron and I promptly said “no.” Wrinkles add character, right?

6. The more perfectionistic of the two of us was recruited for this job. I typically like to “eyeball” things which means we have LOTS of holes behind almost all of our pictures. :)

All Done! Oh, and I got these adorable CANVAS pictures made of the boys for FREE (plus shipping). Not sure if this deal is still good, but you could check by going here.

Our home is the opposite of a magazine cover…but I like that you can tell that kids actually live in our house!

Big Brother was so proud! He woke up from his nap to find this “surprise” and was very excited.
What ways do you display your child(ren)’s artwork?


  1. One word of caution- – those tacks can be extremely painful if stepped on, always an apprehensive Mom. :) The board is beautiful!!!!!!!

  2. I love it!!!! And for the poster about the tacs….staple it. :) I will be doing this. Thanks! My little guy just started Kindergarten…I have lots of artwork to hang. I already have a few spots, but I need lots more! ;)

    I LOVE YOUR SITE!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! Thanks so much!!!!

  3. My sister-in-law got some great rope from a boating supply store (very colorful) that she strung across part of a wall in her home. She put two lengths, one lower and one higher for each of her two kids. She uses clothes pins to hook the art onto the rope. It looks so festive and can accomodate any size space. (Her ropes are each about 6 feet long.) I bet Lowes or Home Depot would also have fun rope. She just knotted the ends and nailed them into the wall with small finish nails.

  4. Well! There’s a nice little project that me and my little kids can work out after they arrive from school! They will surely be very excited to work with another project together with their daddy! Thanks for sharing this!

  5. Thanks for the step-by-step instructions! My children would love to learn how to do this although I know at the start, they might find it boring. But, it will take a lot of motivation and encouragement, right? Thank you once again!

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