Turntable Art

I love free stuff. I happened upon this PhonoViewer on the “free-take it” shelf at church. It came with tons of “records” as well. I honestly don’t really know what a PhonoViewer is…and apparently I won’t be finding out because it’s broken. But at least the turntable can be put to good use…


I used one of the “records” to cut out a piece of cardstock and cut a hole in the center.


I put the cardstock circle on the turntable and got two highlighters for the boys to use (our markers are currently MIA apparently).



We turned it on and Ta-Da!


The boys LOVED it. Big Brother’s lines are nice and circular…Little Brother went wild with his pink highlighter.


  Next time I think we might try fingerpainting on the turntable!


  1. I used to use paper plates with my preschoolers, too. Just push them down to poke the hole. For fall we’d use fall colors and then cut them in a spiral and attach a construction paper leaf to the bottom and then hang with yarn from the ceiling of my classroom. Really cool effect.

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