Shamrock Resist Art

Shamrock Resist Art


Big Brother and I had lots of fun making this shamrock resist art and we got to experiment with a product we’ve never used before! It was a fun activity for a lazy Thursday morning!



Here’s what you’ll need:  cardstock, project paint (which we received compliments of, tape, scissors, and a Shamrock Pattern. If you don’t want to purchase the project paint, you could also add some tempera paint and a small amount of water to a spray bottle and that should do the trick!




 1. Print out the Shamrock Pattern (or draw one yourself).




 2. Cut out the shamrock. If your child is familiar with using scissors, let him/her cut out the pattern.




 3. Fold a few small pieces of tape and add to the backside of the shamrock.




 4. Stick the shamrock pattern onto your piece of cardstock.




 5. Get ready to spray! I’ve never used this product before, so I wanted to try it out before I let the boys use it. THANK GOODNESS I did! This paint is MESSY. I would highly recommend spraying outside or on a large piece of cardboard.




 Here is my shamrock…notice the green splatters all over my countertops. Like I said, it is messy (and the splatters don’t wipe up easily, either).




 For Big Brother’s shamrock, we thankfully went to the basement and sprayed on a large cardboard box. He insisted on coloring the shamrock before we painted. :)




 6. Let your child spray!!

I wouldn’t have minded one bit if some paint would have gotten on that Angry Bird shirt of his (then we would have to part ways with it), but alas…for once in his life, he stayed completely clean! :)




 Big Brother’s Shamrock. He REALLY enjoyed spraying the paint!





What is your favorite Shamrock or Four-Leaf Clover Craft? Share in the comments!


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