Making Rain

My boys love playing in the bathtub…dumping and filling cups of water. As I was trying to find something in our cabinets to put some leftovers in a couple days ago, an idea came to me of how to create a new bathtub toy using old takeout containers! With rain showers and thunderstorms on the horizon, I figured this would be a fun and timely activity.
Here’s what you’ll need:  a nail, a plastic container that is deep enough to hold water, and a hammer (as you can see, I tried using a meat tenderizer because I was too lazy to go find our hammer). Or you can use a drill.
Place the nail onto the plastic container and hammer until it goes through the container. I would then suggest wiggling it around to make the hole a tad bigger.

Prince Charming saw what I was doing and just knew there was a better way…using power tools, of course!

He came to my rescue and made several holes in about a minute.

Fill and let your child enjoy “making rain”!!!


  1. Just found your site today and I love it! I have a two year old and one year old twins. By the time everyone is in the tub, someone wants to get out! This will keep them happy. Another plus is that the containers drain the water. My oldest wants to play with containers but my younger two turn them up to drink (choke on) the water. Thank you for sharing! I can't wait to read more!

  2. Plastic containers that you buy fruit in would work too. There are already holes for rinsing.
    PS Love the blog

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