May Blessing Bags

May Blessing Bags



Another month…another set of blessing bags! We are sharing a new mini blessing bag idea each month this year along with a free printable to include. We have found that the sandwich-size blessing bags are much easier to hand out to individuals than the larger bags we have made in the past. We keep our blessing bags in the console of our van and the boys are always eager to pass them out when we see someone in need as we go about our day to day activities.


We hand out the majority of our blessing bags when we do our grocery shopping…right next to a McDonald’s. So instead of including the $5 bill that I have the last couple of months, I bought some $5 gift cards instead.


Here is what we included in our May Blessing Bags:

-$5 Gift Card to McDonald’s


-Trail Mix


Our May printable




May Blessing Bag


I found this quote and thought it was fitting! “The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.” It is actually from the movie Mulan, of all places, but it is no less encouraging and inspiring! Just file it under the “everything I needed to know about life I learned from a Disney movie” category. :)


May Blessing Bags and free printable


I also thought about including a package of wildflowers as well and still might if I can find some to slip in there. That doesn’t really serve an immediate purpose but goes along with the quote! And who doesn’t love to scatter wildflowers?



Download our May Blessing Bag Printable here.



May Blessing Bags





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  1. Love your Blessing Bags! I am looking forward to seeing the next 7 months and of course making them myself. We can hardly go anywhere around town without seeing the homeless. This is such a wonderful idea.

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