National Nursing Home Week: May 8-14

I happen to be married to a Nursing Home Administrator (though he never calls himself that…people who work in “nursing homes” are the only ones who never call them “nursing homes”). I consider his job as a ministry to the elderly. Interacting with the elderly is a gift of his that very few people our age have. Anyway, he thought everyone should know that next week is National Nursing Home week!

I truly believe that the elderly are the most neglected people in our society today. For some reason, we have this false belief that, because they are “old”, they don’t have as much worth. How wrong this is! We could learn so much if we would take the time to ask questions and listen. These are people who have experienced a full lifetime! They have wisdom beyond belief!

I think it’s also extremely important that our children have opportunities to interact with the elderly. Whether or not your child is around very many elderly people or not, this book is wonderful to read together before visiting a nursing home or assisted living! It’s one of my favorites!
Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge (Public Television Storytime Books)
Back when I was in the classroom, we used to go to Prince Charming’s work (at that time, he worked at an assisted-living facility) and take May Day baskets filled with hand soaps, peanuts, peppermints, etc. The residents LOVED getting these hand-decorated baskets. We would normally glue a paper plate and half of a paper plate (turned backward). We would then cut out a handle to make a basket. The kids enjoyed decorating their baskets.

But this year, the boys and I are going to take these Sunshine Cookies instead!

Or you could make flower cards using muffin tin liners:

Or you could even make a rainbow mosaic!

What other ideas do you have for celebrating National Nursing Home Week???


  1. sweet ideas! I would love to do these with a moms group I'm in and bring the kids to deliver them. We did a reverse trick or treat giving out candy in our costumes at a nursing home for Halloween and the residents loved it.

  2. I love that book! I used to send it home with my Kindergartners to read. They would bring back their own memories. (Something that was more precious than gold, something old, something warm, something that made them laugh and something that made them cry.) They were so excited to share their memories. It would be fun to see what your own children would choose as well.

    Sorry that doesn't respond to your question, but I am excited to do something for Nursing home week.

  3. It's been a while since I've checked your blog, but now that I've got a new computer (the old one finally bit the dust), I'm glad to see this post. A few elderly neighbors of ours have had to move to care facilities within the past year, and I think I'd like to take my daughter & visit them. Not sure on what we'll do just yet, but we'll definitely make some sort of goodies to bring along with us. Thanks for the nudge! :-)

  4. What a sweet post! I think I'm going to try extra hard to something of this sort with my kids. My grandma passed a few years ago, and my kids have had very very little exposure to the elderly as a result. Thanks for the ideas!

  5. As a nurse who presently works in a Rehab and Long Term Care Facility ;) I am glad this post is out there! I bring in my kids all the time, if only to walk around and say hi to anyone who will talk to us(and that is almost everyone). The resident’s often tell me that they are so glad I bring them in because they rarely ever get to see kids.

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