Pine Cone Creatures

The making of these Pine Cone Creatures was a very open-ended activity that captured the attention of both my 4-year old and my 2-year old equally! All you need are some pine cones, glue, googly eyes and whatever odds and ends you have around the house. We added some pom-poms (compliments of

First of all, we collected our pine cones.




Then, we gathered all our other stuff.


 Start gluing the stuff onto the pine cones.


Apparently, Little Brother doesn’t know how to use an appropriate amount of glue. :)


 Isn’t he cute?!?!


 Just FYI:  Prior to children, I said my kids would never wear tacky character t-shirts (like the one pictured above). But as I’ve quickly learned when it comes to anything related to parenting…NEVER say never. ;)


Putting the googly eye on his eye!





You can make these as simple or intricate as your child wants. You could even add glitter! My boys decided they wanted theirs rather simple. :)



  1. Aww tacky character shirts have a certain every day ‘class’ to them. Grandson ran around all day in a Jake and The Neverland Pirates shirt. This is a cute project, and simple!

  2. What a cute and ‘everything on hand’ idea. I said the same thing about character shirts and shoes. Sigh.

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