Printable Kindness BINGO Board

This Printable Kindness BINGO board is great for encouraging children to be intentionally kind to those around them. Print and use in the classroom, at home, at church, or in Girl and Boy Scouts! 



My children’s school is doing something unique this year. Three times this school year, the students have an opportunity to participate in a 6-week “exploration” for 30 minutes once a week. Teachers, parents, and individuals from the community are invited to host (and design) an ‘exploration. Then students from all grade levels can choose what exploration they are most interested in. Some explorations that have taken place are:  book clubs, LEGOs, interior design, a drumline, board games, slime-making, cooking, and so many more!


For this 6-week rotation, I am volunteering to host a “Kindness Club” exploration. Each week we will start by reading a short picture book and then either perform an act of kindness or create something to give to others. I won’t spoil the surprise of all we plan to do, but this Kindness BINGO game is part of our Kindness Club kick-off tomorrow!


Download the Printable Kindness BINGO board here.


Here is the plan for our first “Kindness Club” meeting:


-Read Be Kind  by Pat Zietlow Miller (and One by Kathryn Otoshi, if we have time)

-Discuss how we can show kindness at school:  to classmates, teachers, and school staff.

-Write kind and affirming messages on clothespins and encourage kids to sneakily slip them on someone’s backpack, jacket, or clothes!

-Make a “thank you” banner for the teacher’s lounge.

-Hand out a printable Kindness BINGO board to each of the kids. If they return the board with a BINGO next week, they will get a treat at next week’s exploration!


Stay tuned as I’ll be updating more about our “Kindness Club” exploration and all of the kind things the kids do!




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