Rainbow Pot of Gold Treat

This post was first published March 2014. Updated 2019.
Colorful St. Patrick's Day Treats

Rainbow Pot of Gold

These Rainbow Pot of Gold treats for St. Patrick’s Day are lots of fun to make, albeit a little time consuming! They would make a great teacher gift, gift for a friend, or just a fun way to surprise your kids on St. Patrick’s Day! Who can resist colorful rainbow Skittles, and a little chocolate wrapped in gold, and marshmallows?!?!

Here’s what you’ll need:  

How To Make Rainbow Pot of Gold:

Rainbow Pot of Gold -skittles

1. Break open the giant bag of Skittles. Wash your hands (and those of your little helpers).

helping make a rainbow pot of gold

 2. Separate the bag of Skittles into the individual colors. This is excellent practice for your child–both cognitive skills (sorting and classifying based on color) and for fine motor practice (those Skittles are tiny!).

sorting skittles into colors

colorful rainbow skittles

3. Next tear a piece of waxed paper and roll it into a ball.

rainbow pot of gold treat - chocolate coins

4. Put 4 golden chocolate coins into the bottom of the Solo cup and then put the waxed paper ball in the center to hold them upright.

rainbow pot of gold for kids

5. Layer the Skittles on top of the golden coins. Top with marshmallows for clouds.


St Patricks Day gift idea

6. Wrap the cup in cellophane and tie with a ribbon!

rainbow pot of gold treat


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  1. Super cute! How many treats does one giant bag of Skittles make? Was thinking about making these for my son’s entire 1st grade class. Thanks!

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