Sent in by You: Picture Frame Felt Christmas Tree

Jessica sent in this adorable idea for creating a felt Christmas Tree using an old picture frame. Here are the directions from Jessica:

So maybe like you, I always have great intentions of homemade gifts for Christmas, and I never get to ALL of them :) With that in mind, I was planning on putting together a much bigger version of a felt board for my boys as a Christmas present, and well, it just was not going to happen in time! Then one day as I scoured the basement in search of Christmas decorations, I found a box of old picture frames, some of which the glass was broken…and project-felt-board-plan-B was born!

Supplies you will need:
Picture frame, I used an 8×10 size.
Felt to fit your frame
Scissors or rotary cutter
Glue gun
*extra felt scraps to make your themed baggies!

1) Find any old frame, or pick one up at the dollar and carefully discard the glass.

2) Cut the felt to fit the back of your frame.

3) Use your glue gun to attach the felt to the back of the frame. I recommend only applying the glue a couple of inches at a time, so that it does not harden too quickly!

4)Re-attach the front of the frame and you are done!

I think that part of the project may have taken me 10 minutes, including my dash to the basement to pick out a frame. The more labor-intensive part of the project is creating shapes for the themed bags.

My bags:
Make a Christmas tree
Make a snowman
Shapes and colors
Letters of his name

I have found that it is a nice “quiet” activity while baby brother naps, you could also take it with you to doctors appointments or to grandma’s house. Off the top of my head I see it as a great exercise in order, letters, shapes, colors…and FINE MOTOR, which my just-turned 3-yr-old boy really needs :)  The teacher in me is always thinking benchmarks! I hope you and your littles enjoy, and that it takes the pressure off of you for that big-felt-board project that is always in the back of your mind!
Thanks so much for sharing, Jessica! This would be a great way to use the Build-Your-Own Felt Snowman too!


  1. Love this idea ! I have always wanted to make one of those huge felt boards that you see in preschools and some libraries, but have put it off, mosty because I was reluctant to bring another item into our small home that would take up a bunch of space.

    I will most definitely be making one of these “picture frame felt boards” for each of my boys. Thanks so much !

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