Shape Turkey for Preschoolers

Free Printable Shape Turkey Craft

Little Brother and I  had a great time making these Shape Turkeys for Preschoolers! Creating them together gave me the perfect opportunity to review some of the trickier shapes (like octagon and rhombus) while still creating a super-cute Thanksgiving craft!


Here’s what you’ll need:  Shape Turkey Printable and either markers, crayons, paint, dot markers, or stamps. We chose to make our own shape stamps using some old wooden blocks and sticky-backed felt. The idea was to match the stamp to the larger shape.


IMG_3406 1. Download your FREE Shape Turkey Printable!



IMG_3408 2. To make the shape stamps, trace tiny shapes onto sticky-back felt and then stick them on your wooden blocks.



IMG_34113. Match the shape on the stamp to the larger shape on the paper. The small octagons ended up looking more like circles on the stamp, but it still made a neat design!



IMG_3418  Tiny triangle stamp!



IMG_3420  I ran out out of wooden blocks, so we used our dot markers to make the final rhombus feather. :)



IMG_3427  4. Cut out all the shapes. This was great practice for little brother!



IMG_3431  5. Use a glue stick to assemble your turkey.



IMG_3445  Gobble, gobble!



IMG_3444  Our turkey with our DIY Shape Stamps. :)






Shape Turkey



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  1. This will be a perfect activity to give the preschoolers and toddlers in our preschool co-op! Love that it also gives us an opportunity to talk an out shaped and colors :-)

  2. Hi! My 7 year old son found this and requested we make it yesterday. What a hit! All 4 of my kids had fun doing it. We used our crazy dots markers to color them and they all put their own touch to their turkeys. Thanks so much for the free printable! You made our homeschool day more fun!


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