“Stellaluna” Activity & Craft

Bats can be seen a lot this time of year in Halloween decorations and costumes….but they certainly don’t have to be scary (as they are sometimes portrayed)! The endearing book, Stellalunahelps children see fruit bats as harmless and beloved creatures. This “Stellaluna” activity and craft is the perfect opportunity for both fun and learning with comparing and contrasting!

Here’s what you’ll need:  Stellalunaa markerboard (or a large piece of paper), a dry-erase marker, black construction paper, and a glue stick.

1. Read Stellaluna aloud to your children. It’s about a bat who loses his Mama and lives with a nest full of birds for a while. He is much different than the birds and has a hard time adjusting.


 2. Once you’re done reading, make a Venn Diagram on your dry-erase board (or a large piece of paper). Label one circle “bats” and the other “birds”, with the overlapping section in the center.


 3. Ask your children to name things that are the same and different about bats and birds. I started off asking them what was the same and then moved on to each of their differences.


Surprisingly, they were both really into this activity (although Big Brother obviously lasted longer than Little Brother).


Big Brother intentionally held the book upside down because that is how bats hang on trees. :)


 4. To make your bat headband, have your child first glue the ends of two pieces of black construction paper together.


 5. Cut the glued paper in half (or thirds or fourths, depending on how thick you want your headband).


 6. Fold another piece of black construction paper in half. Cut out the shape of bat wings to get two identical wings.


7. Fold one inch of the end of each wing and add some glue.


8. Glue the headband together and then add the wings.




 Appropriately acting like a bat…




 “Bat Brothers!”


What is your favorite book about bats?


  1. This is great! My daughter’s 1st grade class just did a study of bats last week, but I passed it along to her teacher so maybe she can use it for future classes!

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