Stocking Stuffers for Teenage Boys

Check out these stocking stuffers for teenage boys.  Some of these are just for fun and some are necessary (cough, cough, deodorant).  

We have two teenage boys in our house–one is a new teen and one is nearly driving age.  It can be difficult to know what little trinkets to put in their stockings at these ages.  All teens love money and gift cards, but if you are looking for something tangible, we’ve got you covered.  We’ve rounded up a list of tangible and useful  stocking stuffers for teenage boys.

Many of these stocking stuffer ideas revolve around hygiene.  That is something we are still trying to perfect at our house and try to instill every chance we get.  :)

What to put in a teenage boys stocking:

  1.  Sneaker Balls:  There is no stink like teenage boy feet stink.  Enough said.
  2. Apple Air Tags:  These can be put in wallets, backpacks, athletic bags, and on keys.  They have GPS and you can label and ding the airtag if you need to find it in your house.  If you have a teen who misplaces things easily, these can be a lifesaver!  If you have a teenage driver, be sure to grab a keychain too.
  3. Teeth Whitening Strips:  I bought my teenager Lumineux White Strips but it looks like they have since sold out.  The Zimba strips look very similar and the reviews are great!
  4. Mario Badescu Drying Lotion:   I originally bought this for myself, but my 13-year old (who is currently battling acne) uses this daily so I bought him his own for Christmas.  Use a Q-tip to apply a dot to blemishes at night.  Wipe off in the morning!  It definitely works!  And FYI:  The directions say not to shake the bottle.  Just dip the Q-Tip down all the way and pull straight up.
  5. Jibbitz for Crocs:  Apparently wearing charms on your Crocs is the new cool thing (at least in middle school).  :)  There are literally thousands of options and it is a fun way for kids to express themselves in a subtle way.  We got my 13-year old this pack of NFL teams for his birthday and he loves putting the teams playing each week on his Crocs!
  6. Silk Pillowcases:  Silk pillowcases are said to be helpful when battling acne…and they feel luxurious.  These are going in both of my boys’ stockings this year!  I think they are going to love them!
  7. Deodorant:  Deodorant will always go in their stockings.  Always.  There can never be too much when it comes to teenage athletes.  Old Spice Krakengard is their current favorite.
  8. Goodr Sunglasses:  We like these sunglasses because they are relatively inexpensive but hold up well with our boys.  And they are polarized!
  9. WWJD bracelets:  These bracelets were popular with Christian kids when I was in middle school and I am happy to see the trend returning!
  10. Small Portable Phone Charger:  This charger is great for on-the-go.
  11. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker:  This is a fun little speaker that is great for using outdoors, near the pool or lake.
  12. Devotional Book:  My husband has read several devotional books with our boys, but one of his very favorite ones has been the Uncommon Life book by Tony Dungy.  Our family has also loved The Very Best, Hands-On, Kinda Dangerous Family Devotionsbut be warned that it needs a lot of prep.
  13. Small Ice Scraper:  If you have a teenage driver who doesn’t have a garage spot, these small ice scrapers come in handy!  We’ve also bought a full size scraper, but it obviously won’t fit well in a stocking!
  14. Socks:  I know getting socks for Christmas has a bad rap, but the number of socks we go through in our house is unconscionable.  My boys can always use another good pair of athletic socks!
  15. Ball Pump:  Flat balls abound around our house- just when they are wanting to play!
  16. Beanie:  We love the HE>i beanies the most but they are currently sold out.
  17. Rechargeable Headlamp:  Whether it is for running, working on a car, or walking the dog when it is dark, a headlamp can come in handy!


What stocking stuffers do you give to 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17-year old boys?


PS- If you are looking for a fun new tradition to try, check out this printable Christmas Lights Shotgun game you can play while driving around looking at lights!


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