Teaching your child to put on his/her own coat!

Putting on a coat is tricky for even a preschooler to do by him/herself. But this technique makes it a cinch!

It’s been a while since I’ve included a self-help/adaptive activity in our thematic units, so I thought our snow unit would offer the perfect opportunity to share with you something my mom taught Big Brother…



Can’t see the video? Go here.

I’m so glad she showed us this…I would have never figured this out on my own. :)



  1. That is pretty cool. My son had been putting the hood on his head and then sticking his arms in but I will have to show him this and see if he likes it better.

  2. My niece learned how to put her coat on in this way. I had never seen it before then and thought it was so clever! At what age do you think a child can learn to do this? My son is only 17 months – I’m thinking he’s still too young???

  3. That’s a great trick! My daughter who’s 3, can put on her coat by herself sometimes, but she still gets hung up quite a bit – I might have to show her this…

  4. Love it! My son’s PreK teacher has a “Zip List”. Kids must be independent coat/zip managers to be on the Zip List. The goal was to get every child’s name on the Zip List during the fall before the big winter coats came out;) It certainly motivated my son to practice on his own.

  5. I am a retired nursery school teacher. I don’t think I could have survived getting 18 children into their coats without “Jacket Magic.” The real challenge is snow pants.

  6. I learned this technique when I was working at a Montessori. I have used it with my children. They have been able to put on their own coats since before they were three.

  7. I just taught my 17 mo. old daughter how to put on her coat this way, she does really well! We used to teach my preschool class the same thing. It makes it a LOT easier to get 24 coats on :) Thanks for the great video. I will definitely be sharing this.

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