Tracing Shapes with Trains: The Little Engine That Could Activity

Tracing Shapes with Trains after Reading the Little Engine that Could


Happy New Year! We are starting the year off with a classic book for our Virtual Book Club for Kids:  The Little Engine that Could by Watty Piper.


The Little Engine that could


I really enjoyed this book as a child and my boys have both enjoyed it as well. I couldn’t find our copy, so I had to check one out from the library to read before doing this activity. Little Sister (22 months) couldn’t quite sit through the entire book (the board book would have probably been a better version for her) but she definitely enjoyed the activities. :)


Activity One:  Trace Shapes Taped on the Floor

Materials : Painter’s Tape and Toy Trains

Please note:  I recommend that you test the tape on a small, hidden part of your hard flooring to make sure that it doesn’t take the finish off of your floor. I have never had any problems, but better to be safe than sorry!


Tracing Shapes with Trains

1. Tear small sections of painter’s tape to create your shapes. I made a square, triangle, rectangle, hexagon, and octagon.


Tracing Shapes with Trains


Tracing Shapes with Trains

2. Encourage your child to trace the shapes using the toy trains. Talk about each shape as you trace. (Even my big boys enjoyed this activity!)


Tracing Shapes with Trains


Tracing Shapes with Trains



Activity Two:  Trace Shapes using Trains Dipped in Paint

Materials:  Toy Trains, Paint, paper, and a permanent marker.


Painting Shapes with Trains

1. Draw simple shapes on the pieces of paper (we used cardstock).


Painting Shapes with Trains

2. Squirt some paint onto a plate and show your child how to dip the wheels of the train into the paint.


Painting Shapes with Trains

3. Start tracing the lines on the paper using the trains.


Painting Shapes with Trains

Little Sister didn’t know quite what to think about having paint on her hands. :)


Painting Shapes with Trains





Tracing Shapes with Trains Dipped in Paint



Tracing Shapes with Trains 2 different ways after reading The Little Engine that Could



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