What’s in the Bible? :: Product Review & Giveaway (3 winners)

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What’s in the Bible? is a DVD series created by Phil Vischer, one of the creators of Veggie Tales. This series is unlike any other because it walks children step-by-step through the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation 2 Samuel (only because they are still making the DVDs…they’ll eventually get all the way through Revelation) in an entertaining and unique way.

We had the opportunity to review these DVDs and my children LOVED them . They’re a little over Little Brother’s head (he’s 2 years old), but Big Brother has learned a lot from watching these DVDs (and so have I, quite frankly)!

This Bible answers questions that even us adults commonly have. The makers of this DVD series also make an attempt to include the various interpretations of certain aspects of the Bible without siding with one or the other. And the best part? THEY ARE FUNNY! Even I enjoy watching them! :)

The DVDs are made with a blend of puppetry, animation, and Mr. Vischer himself. Take a look at the first few minutes of Volume 1:


What’s in the Bible? is giving away three bundles of Volumes 1-3 to my lucky readers. Here’s what you’ll find in Volumes 1-3:


DVD 1: In the Beginning [Genesis] contains two 25-minute episodes.

Part 1: “What is the Bible?” How is it put together? Kids learn alongside Buck Denver, Sunday School Lady, Brother Louie, and the crew that the Bible tells the story of God and what He’s done for us.

Part 2: “Who wrote the Bible?” Next, Buck and friends learn how God inspired people to write the Bible. They also learn how the first part of Genesis sets the stage for the rest of the Bible – and all of history!

DVD 2: Let My People Go [Exodus] contains two 25-minute episodes.

Part 1: “Who chose the books in the Bible?” Buck Denver and friends learn how the Old Testament and New Testament books were chosen to be in the Bible. They also dive into the second part of Genesis to learn how God used a family to launch His big rescue plan!

Part 2: “What is salvation?” Learn words like “salvation” and “redemption” as we dive into God’s big rescue plan – how He saved the Israelites from Egypt and how He wants to save us from sin – a tiny word that causes huge trouble.

DVD 3: Wanderin’ in the Desert [Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy] contains two 25-minute episodes.

Part 1: “Don’t lie, don’t cheat … don’t trim your beard?” The Old Testament is full of rules, and some of them are kind of, well, weird. Learn why God gave all these rules to Israel and which ones still apply to us today!

Part 2: “What is a Pentateuch?” Learn about Israel’s 40-year “time-out” as we finish the first five books of the Bible! Plus, discover why we can believe what the Bible says – even though we weren’t there to see it happen!


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If you are interested in purchasing the What’s in the Bible? DVDs yourself, you can get $20 off a bundle (either Volumes 1-6 or 2-6). Just use the coupon code “TEACH20”.


  1. Wow – this would be an amazing way to make learning the Bible both fun & educational for my son. Thanks for the opportunity.

  2. We love Jelly Telly and What’s in the Bible! Do the DVD’s have the Bentley Brother’s songs on them? I love those guys. Also, if you haven’t visited jellytelly.com you have to go check it out…it has crossover content from the DVD’s and more. I’d love to win those DVD’s!

  3. I have this on my Amazon “What I want for school next year” list. This would be amazing to win.

  4. Our library just got two of these DVDs and we love them. We’d love to see the rest!

  5. I had no idea these were by Phil Vischer! We have so many Veggie Tales, I feel like he’s a friend. It would be wonderful to experience his vision in a whole new way through these DVDs. Thank you for fun giveaway :)

  6. Wow this looks awesome! I liked you (already) on fb and I subscribe via email :)

  7. I loved the first DVD that had a great deal on a few weeks ago and loved it!

    I have subscribed to any way possible to I Can Teach My Child :).

  8. What a fun new series! As parents today, who doesn’t love some fun Jesus loving entertainment for our babes??? Would love to have this for my own kids and to share with my childcare as well! :)

  9. How awesome! Thanks for sharing info on this series! We are huge Veggie Tales fans over here!

  10. I’ve been following you on Pinterest and FB, don’t want to miss out on anything!

  11. I liked “What’s in the Bible?” on facebook! So glad I did, they have lots of great resources.

  12. The coupon isn’t working for the Vol. 2-6 bundle. ??? Do you know if the coupon is current?

  13. I’ve been wondering about this series…would be a great investment if the theology is sound

  14. I “liked” What’s in the Bible!!! If I would have thought to do it before, I so would have!! Good stuff!

  15. We purchased the first one and my kids LOVE them. Even the teenagers thought it was funny. WE all learned alot from this DVD. It is a must for all families. I would love to win the rest of the series!!!

  16. We love the What’s in the Bible DVD series. It is the most requested video my daughter asked for and we are so excited that there are more new ones being released. They are doing a great job.

  17. Yeah! I have been wanting to add these to our collection. Thanks! Love your blog!!!

  18. I “liked” What’s in the Bible on facebook. I already follow your blog on facebook and via email.

  19. I would love to win this set! I’ve seen a few little pieces and thought it was really good.

  20. I’ve been watching their clips on You Tube for a few weeks now and keep wishing I could afford to buy the videos. Winning a few would help in that regard.

  21. I ordered our first DVD of this series a few weeks ago when you had mentioned it was on sale. My kids really enjoy it and I’d love to get more for them. This really is a great way to re-emphasize our homeschool bible lessons. Thank you for introducing us to this resource.

  22. We Would LOOOVE to have these!! We just have the first one and my boys love it, such a great foundation for them! Haven’t been able to afford buying the rest of the volumes yet. Hope we win!!!

  23. We already “like” What’s in the Bible on Facebook before the giveaway! Hope that still counts!

  24. My kids would LOVE this. We’ve seen them at church, but don’t have any of their DVDs yet.

  25. I got the first one when they had the Valentine’s Day coupon, I would love to own the whole set though!

  26. My 1 year old loves Why do the Call it Christmas with Buck Denver, and we all learned something new about Christmas!

  27. I would love to have another option of teaching the Word of God to my kids! Thanks for introducing these & having this giveaway!!

  28. Just liked what’s in the bible! Already own number 6, Grandma bought it for my son because it has his name sake in it Elijah!

  29. I would love to win these. My daughter constantly asks questions after church that I do not know answers. Maybe we could all learn :)

  30. i’ve never seen these! thanks for sharing. if i don’t win, i’ll be purchasing for our next long car ride. thanks again!

  31. I have seen clips of these and they seem SO great…It would be wonderful to add to our library!

  32. I just “liked” What’s in the Bible? on facebook. This is a great resource for little ones!

  33. I found “What’s in the Bible” through you and LOVE it! We ordered vol. 1 when it was the $5 promo, and I’m VERY impressed with the depth of the information in that DVD. Plan to purchase more and would love to give a set to my niece as well!

  34. Following you on Pinterest. I always love and appreciate your ideas! And thanks for Loving Jesus and glorifying God in all you do!

  35. I just joined my church and am trying to help teach my grandchildren the bible. These DVDs would be a great learning tool for the whole family. The grandkids like “Veggie Tales”.

  36. My oldest has recently been asking for some Bible shows to watch :) These look wonderful!

  37. I’ve already liked you on Facebook and been following you on Pinterest for a while =)

  38. Just liked ‘What’s in the Bible’ on FB, too, so I think that means I can leave another comment. I haven’t entered many things like this on blogs, so I hope I am doing it right. :)

  39. Hello, Thank you for all the wonderful posts you provide! This would be a wonderful tool to use to strengthen our children’s faith!

  40. My daughter loves Veggie Tales. I would love this set to give her a fun way to learn more about the Bible!

  41. Would love to share these with my kids. They love veggie tales and these look just as entertaining. What a fun way to bring them God’s word!

  42. I liked “I can teach my child” on Facebook and followed you on Pinterest already.

  43. As a Catholic i am not the most proficient bible reader, but I think these videos would bebeneficial for both my daughter and her parents!

  44. This is so great! I just showed the video clip to my daughter and she was already laughing and asking to see more of it!

  45. I hope to win this for my 3 year old….no better time to get him to like this though he already loves Veggie tales now…
    i subscribe to you already and like you on pinterest(love your boards by the way)and liked what’s in the bible on FB as well…

  46. These look great. I’m planning on homeschooling my three-year-old, and your website has already given me a ton of ideas. Thank you!

  47. Thank you for introducing me to Whats in the Bible! I coordinate an after school ministry and this might be just what I’m looking for to share Bible Stories with kids who may not have heard them.

  48. i would luv to win this give away! Buckeroo has so many questions about the Bible that sometimes I just don’t have the answer, we look it up but yet i dont know how to explain it in a way that he gets it.

  49. i liked whats in the bible on fb. thanks for the link i didnt know they were on FB. speaking of good videos for littles on Bible topics have you ever looked at Juniors Giants? i think it might be a little too old for your guys but when they hit about 4ish maybe a little more its great. we cant wait for the next installment. its hard finding good Christian cartoons for boys that are older. this is one of them.

  50. i already F/B like you, get ur feed by email and GFC, and pinterest…..wow looking at that in print it looks somewhat stalkerish – i’m not, lol!

  51. So cool! I had not heard of these! I know my daughter would adore them. :) Thanks for the opportunity!

  52. My kids would love these. I hadn’t heard of them before- thanks for the introduction!

  53. I’ve been looking for Christian videos. Thank you for sharing! Would love to have these to show to my children!

  54. I would love to win this for my two little ones. I also teach different grade levels at church, so these would be a great supplement to traditional lessons.

  55. Great giveaway! Our 3-year-old twins are hungry to learn about the Bible – and we’d love the opportunity to use these. Thanks!

  56. We would love to be introduced to these DVD’s … always looking for good content for the kids :)

  57. I would love to win these for my son. He’s only 2, but it would be great for when he got a little older.

  58. I subscribe to you by e-mail (and “like” you on FB and follow you on pinterest, too!) :)

  59. I taught a Sunday school class using this material – It was phenomenal! I learned as much as the kids – Would love to have this for my family!

  60. I would love to win these DVD’s. I’ve been looking for some resources for my two year old. He climbed in my lap and watched the demo video you added. :)

  61. liked you on facebook and followed you on pinterest. These would be great for the kids during small group meetings! I really want that time to be purposeful even for young children.

  62. we would LOVE to win this. We just got the Christmas one and can’t wait to get the rest.

  63. I already like “I can Teach my Child?” And follow on Pinterest (which may I say I am addicted to)

  64. I’d love to win the “What’s in the Bible?” dvds. They would be great to use at my Christian preschool!

  65. I liked this! These would be AWESOME for my 2 kids! Enter me enter me!!!

  66. This looks like it would be a great way to supplement homeschooling – and it looks like something they’d ask to watch other times just for fun. win win!

  67. I would love to show these to my 3 boys! I am always looking for new, exciting ways to engage them in learning the Bible!

  68. Two homeschooled little girls, their mama and their daddy-o would love to win this product! Thank you for the review!

  69. Oooh! I’ve been wanting a good Bible DVD series for my kids! I’d love to win this.

  70. Trying to impact my children for the Kingdom before they get too much older and see more of the world’s influence! Would love these!!

  71. I love these videos and would love to have them in our DVD library. Thanks for the giveaway!

  72. Oh my goodness, these would make great Easter gifts for our family. I say family, because my 11 year old could definitely learn more while watching these with her little brother (3 years). Plus, it looks like they are filled with info. even my hubbie and I would find helpful and useful. (The older I get, the more I realize I don’t know) :)

  73. Seriously, these videos are fun for the entire family! My son used to be addicted to Toy Story, now he begs for Clive and Ian!! http://Www.JellyTelly.com has lots of information and a 30 minute new videos/clips daily! We hope to win the bundle 2-6! Thanks for this promotion and review!

  74. My son loves VeggieTales & I am pretty sure he would enjoy the “What’s in the Bible” series too.

  75. I have heard such good reviews about these DVDs, and have by waiting and waiting to purchase them. Thanks for the chance to win them! :)

    1. Hi Celines,

      Congrats! You are a winner! Please e-mail your mailing address to Susan at What’s in the Bible ([email protected]) and she will get your bundle mailed out to you.

      Thanks and enjoy,

  76. I’ve been reading a lot about these videos and would love for my preschooler to see some of them!

  77. I’ve heard such good things about these videos! Thanks for the chance to win one!

  78. Love these videos – I used to teach at a private Christian school and we would watch these all the time. Now that I have my own children I would love to have these at home!

  79. Would love to win these for my 4 year old daughter. Her twin brother passed away when he was a month old and she’s starting to have many questions about God, heaven, etc. She loves Veggie Tales and would adore these.

  80. These are great! I would love to win them for my 3 year old son for Easter. I may just have to get them for him for Easter, if I don’t win!

  81. We actually have this set, but would love the chance to win a set for my Church’s library!

  82. Oh and I already follow ICTMC and WINTB in Facebook, but just went and started following you on Pinterest.

  83. Wow! This would be perfect for my little ones!!! I am praying, praying, praying that I am the winner!!!

  84. I would love these for my 4 year old adopted daughter from Taiwan! How ever I can make the word of God exciting and easy for her to understand is what I need!!

  85. I would love to win one of these bundles. I’ve heard great things about these DVDs from friends.

  86. My son loves Veggie Tales and I know these DVD’s would be a “hit” in our house too!

  87. These sound wonderful! I teach at a church pre-k and think these would be a nice addition.

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