Making It Rain

Due to Big Brother’s fascination (and fear) of various types of weather, I thought now would be a great time to start a new Weather Thematic Unit.  We’re not forecasted to receive any rain for the next couple weeks around here (which we desperately need), so perhaps our little experiment will rub off on the weather!

This idea (and many others that we’ll be trying) came from Weather Wiz Kids.  Take a look at the site (created by a meteorologist), it’s got tons of great ideas!

Here’s what you’ll need to “make it rain”:  glass jar, plate, water, and ice cubes.

1.  Heat your water until it is steaming.

2.  Pour the hot water into a jar until it is about 1/3 filled.  Put a plate on the top of the jar.  Wait a minute or two before the next step.

3.  Put the ice cubes on top of the plate and watch closely to see what happens inside the jar.

4.  Streaks of water will run down the side of the jar, making rain!

This activity would probably be more appropriate for children who are slightly older, but Big Brother enjoyed it (for about 20 seconds, anyway).  :)  Wonder why this happens…go here under “explanation” to find out!

Literature Link


Rain by Robert Kalan & Donald Crews
A colorful and wonderfully-illustrated book, simple and repetitive!


  1. says

    Awesome project, found it on Pinterest. I have it pinned for a project tomorrow and that post will go up next Monday. I always link back to the “pin” but if you like I will link directly here. Just let me know =)

  2. Laura Brown says

    I am sorry that you did not have a good experience in school, but many teachers I have the experience of knowing do teach this way.

  3. says

    This was the worst experiment ever. You don’t even need the ice, it is just the water from the steam rolling down the sides of the glass jar.


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