Coffee Filter Christmas Tree

IMG 9682 300x450 Coffee Filter Christmas Tree


I love the simplicity of this craft.  I’m also a huge fan of using coffee filters for kid’s crafts (remember this, this and this?)!

Here’s what you’ll need:  2 coffee filters, green markers (we used regular and Do-A-Dot Markers), a spray bottle with water, scissors, a glue stick, and construction paper.  

IMG 9667 300x450 Coffee Filter Christmas Tree

1.  Let your child start coloring with the green markers on both coffee filters.

IMG 8233 300x450 Coffee Filter Christmas Tree

2.  Use the spray bottle to spray the coffee filter ever so slightly.  If you get it too wet, the color will run out of the filter and onto the plate.  You also might notice that this coffee filter is orange…that’s because I forgot to take a picture of this step, so I borrowed this picture from our Stained Glass Pumpkin post!

Let the coffee filter dry completely while on the plate.

IMG 9673 500x333 Coffee Filter Christmas Tree

3.  Fold one of the coffee filters in half and then cut the other one in thirds.  Fold one of the thirds to make the top piece.

IMG 9676 500x333 Coffee Filter Christmas Tree

4.  Glue the tops of each coffee filter piece onto a piece of blue construction paper (I cut out a piece of white to make snow at the bottom).

IMG 9677 500x333 Coffee Filter Christmas Tree

5.  Make small slits in each coffee filter layer.

IMG 9680 500x750 Coffee Filter Christmas Tree

Add a star at the top, if you wish, and it’s ready to be displayed!

Literature Link

61AF+lbxP0L. SL500 AA300  Coffee Filter Christmas Tree

Why Christmas Trees Aren’t Perfect by Richard H. Schneider is one of my favorite Christmas books of all time!  It tells about a perfect little pine tree who gives up its chances at being chosen as the Queen’s Royal Christmas Tree to protect birds and animals.  It has quite a bit of text, but Big Brother enjoyed reading it regardless of its length.  My favorite line from the book is at the end:

“…The trees have learned that living for the sake of others makes us most beautiful in the eyes of God.”


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