Printable Zoo Scavenger Hunt


We absolutely love going to the zoo (especially now that we renewed our zoo pass)!  We normally just enjoy meandering from one exhibit to the next, but this time I thought it would be fun to trying something new!



I used some of my dad’s amazing photographs from Zimbabwe (as well as a few others licensed as public domain) to create this printable Zoo Scavenger Hunt.

I printed each of the boys their own copy, gave them a clipboard as well as a marker, and off we went!


This picture makes me laugh.  Notice the direction the binoculars are facing…  :)


Every time we saw an animal on our page, Big Brother would sit down and cross it off his list.  He loved counting how many animals we had left after he crossed off each one!


Here are the completed scavenger hunts…Big Brother was meticulous about crossing out the animal name and circling the animal picture.  Little Brother got a little excited about the process!


This was so much fun for everyone!  It gave Big Brother something to get excited about.  It also avoided the typical “It’s-Time-to-Leave-Battle”…once the Scavenger Hunt was completed, Big Brother said, “Okay, we’re finished!  It’s time to leave now.”

I’d love for you to try it out and tell me whether your kids enjoyed it!

 Download the PDF Printable Scavenger Hunt.  



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  1. Ann says

    I use a similar idea. I fill a small bag with plastic or plush animals that I know are at the zoo. Let the kids pick out an animal from the bag and go and find that animal. We then take a picture of the kids holding up their toy animal in front of the real animal and have made a mini photo animal book of those shots. Really good for small children and small zoos.

  2. Carolyn says

    Thank you for this idea, I created my own for the animals at Melbourne Zoo and laminated it so we can wipe clean and use again.

  3. Andrea Diuguid says

    Love this but the link in the text comes up as not found and the link at the bottom of the article goes to a post about your Fizz Math game (which is also awesome!). Can you tell me where to find the PDF? Thanks!

    • says

      I am so sorry. The file was lost when I transferred my site from Blogger to a self-hosted WordPress. I need to recreate it, as I didn’t save it on my computer (lesson learned)! So sorry!

  4. Christina says

    I just found your website, I love the Zoo Scavenger hunt , was wondering if you were able to recreate it?

    Thank you,


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