Fire Safety Checklist and Scavenger Hunt

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This week is National Fire Prevention Week (and the month of October is Fire Prevention Month). We have done lots of fun fire safety activities over the years, but the very sad and very REAL fact is that over 3,000 Americans die from house fires every single year. So many of these deaths could have been prevented by taking the necessary precautions to ensure your family is prepared in case of a fire.


As parents, NOTHING is more important than protecting our children and keeping them safe. By taking just a few minutes a year, you can rest assured that your family is prepared in case of a fire.


Family Evacuation Plan

Only 27% of families have discussed a plan on what to do with their children in case of a fire. When creating a plan with your family, make sure you can identify two ways out of each room – which can include windows and doors – and make sure everyone in the home understands the plan. 


Fire Safety Checklist and Scavenger Hunt

Download our Fire Safety Scavenger Hunt here.

My boys at the meeting place…away from the house, close to the mailbox but far enough from the road to be safe.


Smoke Alarms

The first line of defense for fire prevention that the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends is ensuring that you have properly functioning smoke alarms installed throughout the home – one on each level and in every bedroom. This might seem like overkill to have a smoke alarm in every bedroom, but we would much rather be safe than sorry.


We’ve partnered with First Alert to help you become a Super Prepared Family. Download our free printable Fire Safety Checklist for families. Also included in this fun printable pack is a Scavenger Hunt for Kids and a Smoke Alarm Check Sheet.


Fire Safety Checklist and Scavenger Hunt

Carbon Monoxide

Just as important in the cold winter months is a carbon monoxide (CO) detector. If you have any type of natural gas in your home (used to provide heat through your furnace) or if your garage is attached to your house, you need a carbon monoxide detector. Often dubbed “the silent killer,” CO is a colorless and odorless gas that is impossible to detect without an alarm. Compounding the issue and concern is that CO poisoning is notoriously difficult to diagnose – often until it’s too late. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were a total of 2,244 deaths resulted from unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning between the years of 2010-2015, with the highest numbers of deaths each year occurring in winter months (December, January, and February).


Super Prepared Family



First Alert is inviting you to become a “Super Prepared Family”. Here are just a few of their products that can be instrumental in helping keep your family safe. All of these alarms have a 10-year life and you won’t have to replace any batteries for the entire 10 years!


First Alert 10 Year Smoke Alarm

  • TOP LEFT:  The SA3210 is great overall protection because it has both types of smoke sensors recommended by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).
  • TOP RIGHT:  The P1010 is a nice addition to your home’s safety, ideal for the bedroom.
  • BOTTOM LEFT:  The CO710 is a nice table-top addition, and can be easily added to any room.
  • BOTTOM RIGHT:  The PRC710 provides both smoke and CO safety.

First Alert helps you become a Super Prepared Family!



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