5 Things to Fill Your Child’s Easter Basket (besides candy)


Looking for something besides candy to fill your child’s Easter basket with? Here are just a few ideas! Keep in mind, I’m not suggesting you include ALL of these items…but this list should at least give you a few ideas!


1. A New Bible 

In keeping with the true meaning of Easter, we consider this a great time to explore a new Bible. There are so many amazing Bibles to share with our children! Some of our favorite children’s Bibles for each age are:

Infants-2 years old:  The Baby Bible Storybook For Girls and The Baby Bible Storybook For Boys

We love this Bible because each story is short, simple, and includes actions the baby/toddler can do with the story. The end of each story also concludes with a short prayer.

Preschoolers:  The Jesus Storybook Bible and The Big Picture Story Bible


2. ABC Printable Scripture Cards

Again in keeping with the true meaning of Easter, let this be a time that you challenge your family to learn one new scripture each week with these ABC Printable Scripture Cards. The best news? These are absolutely free to print yourself!

Go here to print your own!


3. Arts & Crafts Supply

I stock up on school supplies in August when they are dirt cheap, so I have quite a few boxes of markers and crayons that would be excellent for Easter baskets. We also love these Do-a-Dot Markers! If you have more than 1 child, you could buy a box and divide it between your kids…if they wouldn’t fight over them, that is. :)


4. A New Book

Everyone loves getting a new book! Here are just a few suggestions..





5. Playdough

We love playdough in our house, so that is always a hit for gifts! Either get some from Target this week (it’s on sale), or make your own! We’ve made lots of different flavors, including lemongrass-scented playdough (to look like grass) or chocolate-scented playdough (to look like mud). Put your homemade playdough into a few different Easter eggs with a “prop” (a plastic bug, flower, or figurine).







What are you planning to put in your child’s Easter basket???


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  1. This year we are giving them each a board game, a book, an Easter activity (think $1 store) and one small chocolate egg :)

  2. The people in my life (including my husband’s family and friends) should have realized by now that they will ALWAYS be getting a book from me. That includes my boys’ Easter baskets. They are also getting wooden Melissa & Dog puzzles (thank you Marshals), new sorted balls, and beautiful handmade animals from Handmade by Cosmo.

  3. Funny that you post this, i have a draft post right now of NON candy stuff to put in a basket. :)

    My oldest son is getting a new Bible, one that just came out for “skateboarders.” :) He found it already in my car (darn) and is very excited about getting it (yay).

    My kids are also getting a movie of Bible stories.

    Stickers are good to go in baskets too.

  4. Great list! We LOVE our Jesus Storybook Bible! We usually put small, outdoor play items that we go through a lot of. Target’s dollar spot and the dollar store are great places to stock up on bubbles and sidewalk chalk for the warmer days outside. Stickers are always a cheap, non-candy hit with our daughter also.

  5. I have workbooks and activity books, little growing kits (from Target $1 bins), hairbows for my girls. We also usually include Bibles or devotionals or Christian books about Easter.

  6. In our toddler daughters’ baskets, so far, are egg-shaker instruments & Kazoos, “Home for a bunny” book, and a mini pretend picnic kit made with felted foods. I hope to add some new handmade gifts inspired from pinterest: felt&ribbon tea-bags for their tea set and felt fancy cookies. We’re having a little egg hunt – I like putting one marshmellow in each egg, not too sugary but still a BIG treat in our family.

  7. We’re doing a couple of books about the true meaning of Easter too. And I really like to put in fun outdoor exploration stuff. Spring seems like the perfect time to get them excited to play outside. This year we got our boys nets and little bug houses that they can put their bugs in and observe!

  8. Great rec’s. Only thing I would add is I think that “The Baby Bible Storybook For Girls/Boys” is great for beyond two. I haven’t personally used it, but I looked at the sample pages and it seems like my almost two year old could just recently start doing the actions while comprehending why we are doing them. And one of the reviews said that her two year old and her four year old both loved it.

    We also give both our kids a new pair of summer shoes in their Easter basket looking forward to warmer days!

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