Alphabet Craft: B is for Body

B is for Body Alphabet Craft

A few weeks ago, I asked each of the boys to tell me three things that they want to learn more about this summer. The first thing on Big Brother’s list was to learn about the human body. We decided to start off with this unique alphabet craft:  B is for body!


Little did I know what a HUGE hit this activity would be for two goofy boys! I love it when something so simple turns out to be so much fun (while they’re learning). :)  


Here’s what you’ll need:  pictures, cardstock, scissors, and a glue stick.  




IMG_7946 1. Take pictures of your child’s major body parts:  eyes, ears, nose, mouth, feet, legs, hands, etc. You could even let siblings take each other’s photos. Print the pictures.




IMG_7947 2. Have your child cut out the body parts from each picture.





IMG_7952 Who knew that cutting out their body parts would be so funny and entertaining?!?!




IMG_7955  Goofy kid!




IMG_7956 “I just cut my eye! Ahhhhhhhh!”




IMG_7957 All the dismembered parts…



IMG_7950  3. Cut out a large “B” from cardstock or construction paper.




IMG_7963 4. Have your child glue their body parts onto the letter B. Then make labels to glue on as well.




IMG_7965 Big Brother’s Body B    



IMG_7968 Little Brother’s {very creative} Body B    


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  1. Love this idea! I’m going to have to add this to the line-up.

    I also wanted to let you know that I love your site – it is such a great resource! I linked to your site as an additional resource in an eBook I just released titled “Preschool at Home: Creating a Custom Plan in Eight Easy Steps.” Definitely want to sent people here for more great information on preschool at home!

    You can check out the eBook here –

    Thanks for all the work you do putting this site together!

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