Baby Bounce

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Everyone loves a happy, bouncy baby, right?! If I could do as many “squats” (aka bounces) as my twins do in one day I would have some pretty awesome quads! Seriously, have you ever tried to mimic your baby with all the movement he/she does?! It’s exhausting for adults (or at least out of shape ones like me), but oh so important for your little one’s gross motor skills!

Start your baby in the seated position.

Hold onto your baby’s hands and gently pull them up to standing.


Encourage your baby to bounce up and down.



Twin Boy wanted to show off his skills too.

Now your turn! ;)


Jennie is a stay-at-home mom to an almost-3 year old boy and 9 month old boy/girl twins. She received a degree in early childhood education and has several years of experience teaching both Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten prior to having children. While she jokes that she’s had a successful day if “no one goes hungry or gets hurt”, she realizes that it’s the little things we do that we might not even know we’re doing that make a BIG difference to our children!


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