Candy Corn Sensory Tub

Sensory tubs are wonderful because they allow your child to take the lead in the learning process. Dump, fill, strain, dump again, make a shape, count. All of these opportunties we probably couldn’t recreate in a more kid-friendly way!

Here’s what you’ll need:  coffee grounds, candy corn (I used real, but the fake wooden ones would work perfectly, plus they’re bigger so your little one couldn’t put them in their mouth–I just told Big Brother that we weren’t going to eat the ones in the tub because they would taste like coffee, but that he could have some after we finished), measuring cups, and a strainer or collander.

This strainer was too small and the coffee would not strain…

So I had to pull out my steamer pot instead. I don’t think that is the technical term for it…but that’s what I call it. :)

Straining the coffee

As Big Brother was shaking the coffee through the collander, he kept saying, “Look, the candy corns are dancing.” :)

We then sorted them in our number carton made a while back.

And finally made shapes out of the candy corns!


  1. I used new coffee that I bought from the dollar store, simply because my husband doesn't drink enough coffee to get THAT much coffee grounds (even in the period of a month–and I don't drink coffee at all).

    I once heard that Starbucks would give coffee grounds that you could then dry out, so I think I might try this since new coffee gets expensive!

  2. Where do you get your ideas? I was a Montessori teacher with my certificate in Montessori teaching and I got my BA in Child Development. I don't have much creativity and now I have a child care and am buying curriculum because I can't think of enough ideas and really don't have the time to run around and get things with 2 little ones of my own (3 and 5 years old). The only time I get out is on the weekends. So expensive to buy prepackaged curriculum. Making your own is time consuming and somethimes costly too.

  3. Most of my ideas are original or spin-offs of things I have seen elsewhere. I normally try to cite the source (if there is one). I know there are lots of great resources, but you might check out–she has a complete preschool program you can purchase for just $10!

  4. this is pretty cool … I think the technical term for your steamer pot is a dutch oven … although Steamer pot is more descriptive of what you use it for :)

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