Thanksgiving Sensory Tub for Preschoolers

Thanksgiving Sensory Tub


Thanksgiving will soon be here. Whether you are looking for sensory ideas for preschool or just want a fun activity for the little ones at your Thanksgiving celebration, this Thanksgiving Sensory Tub is sure to be a hit.

The main sensory material is dried corn (one of the cheapest sensory materials I’ve found). Every year we go to the Pumpkin Patch and there is typically a large pit filled with dried corn…until this year.

pit full of corn
In the corn pit with Big Brother way back in 2009…when I was 9 months pregnant with Little Brother!


For some reason, our favorite pumpkin patch decided to discontinue this attraction. So I decided we needed to make our own smaller version. A quick stop at our local farm store supplied us with more corn than we knew what to do with!



Here’s what you’ll need:  a sensory table or large and shallow container (these under bed storage containers work well), dried corn, feathers, and whatever else you would like to add for Thanksgiving!



*Please note:  This activity is not suitable for children under 3 years of age or for children who still put things in their mouths. Please use caution around younger siblings.



Grab yourself some dried corn. I purchased this very large bag of Wildlife Feed (aka dried corn) at Atwoods (our local farm store) for under $8. Since the bag contains way more than what we need, I’m donating half of the bag to our church’s sensory table.




Let your little one begin discovering the texture.





Little Brother was excited! We added some measuring cups and spoons to make the dumping and pouring process even more fun.














After a while of playing with just the corn, we decided to add some colorful feathers.










 A  little while later, I wanted to add a little learning into the mix. I added some of these Woodsies for every letter of the alphabet. Of course, this is when Little Brother seemed to lose interest. Go figure. :)







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  1. I am thinking about doing this (actually I have been thinking about for awhile). I am wondering how messy this gets? I know kids are all different but generally speaking was this messier or cleaner than you expected?

    1. This was actually pretty mess-free. A few kernels got out of the tub when my son was especially excited, but they were much easier to pick up than rice (another sensory material I’ve used). Overall, I would say it was cleaner than I expected. :)

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