Cookie Sheet Travel Activity: Magnetic Picture Puzzles of Your Destination

As promised, I’m sharing another cookie sheet travel activity (if you missed the first one, go here).

For this activity, you’ll use photos of your travel destination. It can be a photo of your child the last time that you were at that specific destination (which is what I used), a picture of the people you are going to visit, or a picture of the places that you will see (Disney World, the beach, etc).

Here’s what you’ll need:  Photos printed and a magnetic adhesive roll (which you can buy at Walmart–we received ours free from




1. Cut out the magnetic adhesive and secure it to the back of your photo.


2. Use a pencil to draw where you want to make the puzzle pieces on the magnetic side of the photo. Cut.


I made the larger picture more challenging with 12 pieces.


The individual photos of each of the boys are much simpler–only 6 pieces.






That’s it! Less than 10 minutes for a super-fun and personalized travel game!


  1. Wow, Jenae, your family is GORGEOUS or are those people hired models? :-) Love this idea so much and there are so many great variations to it. Thanks for sharing! ~ Marnie

  2. What a cute idea! I had NEVER thought of a cookie sheet before, but saw it on a post shortly before we left for a long road trip last week. My 3-year-old used it as a base for coloring and then played with her Melissa and Doug magnet dollies on it. Perfect! Definitely a tool I’ll be using for years to come. :)

  3. I will happy to see such a great idea for children’s and also such a great art by making children or everyone. You can make your snap or family snap for any travel destination like picnic or more.
    Perfect tool! Thanks for sharing………..

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