Discovering the Five Senses with Snow!

I am sick and tired of snow. I am looking out the window right now as the snow continues to fall…the weather man is predicting 5-10 inches! It wouldn’t be so bad if (1) this wasn’t our third heavy snowfall in less than a month, (2) we could get out of the house if I wasn’t terrified to drive on it after our accident, and (3) it was warm enough and/or not too windy to actually play in it!

But enough of my whining…let’s make the most of it by discovering our senses with snow!

See:  Talk about what color the snow is. Look at the shape of the snowflakes that have fallen on windows (before they melt).

Our backyard at 9:00 this morning (we now have about 3-4 inches MORE)

Hear:  Take a (quick) walk outside. Ask your child to listen to what he/she hears as you walk through the snow.

Taste:  Make snow ice cream!

Or just let your little one eat the snow plain! That was Big Brother’s favorite thing to do!
Touch:  Bring the snow inside. Let your little ones use measuring cups to dump and pour the snow.

I also pulled out the cookie cutters and let Big Brother makes letters and numbers in the snow.

Smell:  This one is a little tricky, but snow does have a somewhat distinctive smell. Or you could let your child smell the snow ice cream!
After you’ve talked about all of the senses, write down all the adjectives you came up with to create your first very poem together!


  1. Hello! First time reader here, I love your blog!!!

    I shared your website on my homeschooling facebook page, hope that is okay!!!!

    Excited to follow along!

    {Sarah beth}

  2. Sarah beth, Of course that's okay! Thanks for sharing!

    Mercedes, I got the cookie cutters from Target. They came in a box (in the cookie sheet section) with letters, numbers, animals, and holidays. I think it was around $10 for all of them.

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