Snow Ice Cream

Every snow day when I was young, my mom, my 3 brothers, my sister and I would make snow ice cream. It is a memory I treasure.

I thought this would be the perfect “activity” for this snowy day…and try to make a positive memory out of this unfortunate weather.

If you’ve never made snow ice cream before…it’s delicious and super-easy. I’ll give you a recipe as guideline, but basically you’ll just mix the ingredients until you come to your desired consistency.

Approx. 8 cups of snow
1-1.5 cups milk
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 tsp. vanilla

1. Gather (clean) snow.
2. Add the milk, sugar, and vanilla. Stir.

3. Enjoy!

Big Brother was pleased!

The view outside my kitchen window.


  1. My son learned to do this but in 2 zip lock bags (one for snow and the inside one for the milk mixture) in 5th grade. We used rock salt on the snow as well and chocolate syrup in the milk mixture. It taste just like frosties from Wendy's we loved it. Thanks for the reminder as we are scheduled for a blizzard to hit today and tomorrow. LOL No seriously! ;0)

  2. LOL! So…. that comment was meant to go on your post about the car accident! But I did want to post a comment here also…

    I made snow ice cream last year. It was my husband's first experience. He was very doubtful. He wasn't impressed. I think the whole thing kind of grossed him out. :)

    By the way, I am hosting a 1 day photography project on my blog. I know this may come off as spammy, but I truly think it is something you might be interested in. Take 1 picture every hour for 1 day. Sound like fun? You can visit my blog for more information:

    I hope you'll join the project!

  3. Just tried this…it was amazing!!! I gathered too much snow, so I put it in the freezer!! :) Thank you for all of your great posts!

  4. Nice post ! I would give him a little! It’s not like you are going to feed him the WHOLE carton! LOL!
    It’s a celebration…and it’s mostly milk anyway.
    I’ve had ice cream for all of mine…in fact, the last one had an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen! LOVED it!

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