Neighbor Gift: Peppermint Ice Cream Pie with Free Printable

We were mint to be neighbors: Peppermint Ice Cream Pie Neighbor Gifts






Delivering gifts to our neighbors each December is one of my favorite things. By the time the Christmas season rolls around, it is cold and many of us have begun hibernating in our homes rather than being out and about, interacting with each other as we walk our dogs and watch our kids play outside. Delivering neighbor gifts offers the perfect chance to interact with our neighbors and make ourselves visible in each other’s lives, even if it just for just a moment.


Last year, we delivered Homemade Root Beer. This year, I decided to make our tried-and-true  Peppermint Ice Cream Pie. This 3-ingredient pie is delicious and is super easy to make! The biggest trick is finding the Peppermint Ice Cream, as it is a seasonal item and seems to sell out at the grocery story quickly! You could always make your own…although I admit I never have (sheer laziness, I tell you)!


First of all, you’ll want to whip up the pies. You just need 3 ingredients:

Oreo Pie Crust

1/2 container Peppermint Ice Cream Pie (Edy’s is my favorite)

8 oz. container of Cool Whip Whipped Topping


You can find all the directions for making the pies here.


We were "mint" to be neighbors printable gift tags


Once you have made the pies, attach the gift tags! I love corny, pun-ny gift tags, I can’t help it. :)


Print our “We were ‘mint’ to be neighbors” gift tags here.


These printable gift tags have the recipe that can be printed on the backside of the label.


We were "mint" to be neighbors: Peppermint Ice Cream Pie Neighbor Gift


That’s it! Easy as pie (see what I did there, I told you I loved puns). :)


Do you give neighbor gifts? What is your go-to gift?






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