DIY Wrapping Paper

We had two birthday parties yesterday–one for our nephew and one for a close friend from church. It was quite the fun-filled day!

Rather than letting Big Brother help pick out a birthday gift (since let’s face it–he would end up giving our 4-year dainty girl friend a ferocious T-Rex or something), I let him take ownership of the gift-wrapping instead.

We used plain white wrapping paper since I already had it on-hand, but you could even use paper grocery bags turned inside out!

And the finished product…Gotta love kid-art! :)


  1. Oh, that is a great idea. We have lots of packing paper coming in as stuffing and I just flatten it out and use it for coloring, but I could use that also as wrapping paper too.

  2. I just came across your blog and I love, love, love it! Wish I found this months ago. We love doing crafts, we are on a very tight budget, and we've been doing a preschool co-op. I also love the parenting tips. I'll have to check out that book making children mind without losing yours. That's been our recent struggle of the last few months, I have not been as patient and I lose my temper/yell which I never wanted to do as a mom. it's been so hard to try and cut that out.

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