Egg Heads Activity from “The Garden Classroom” Book

Egg Heads


My blogging friend Cathy James of NurtureStore just released her book The Garden Classroom. For someone who is vegetationally-challenged like I am, this book offers helpful information and beautiful inspiration!


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I am quite certain that I have a black thumb, especially since I could probably kill a silk plant if I really tried. :)  I appreciated Cathy’s back-to-basics approach in the first part of her book! She shares her favorite plants to grow and offers plenty of suggestions that will help to yield a fruitful crop.


There are so many wonderful activities in this book to enjoy with your kids–many that help your child to learn about the world around him/her in a hands-on way. And many that are just plain fun. These egg heads err on the fun side, with some learning about seeds thrown in as well.


Here’s what you’ll need to make your “Egg Heads”: 

Empty eggshells (the more eggshell you can preserve, the better)
Egg carton
Permanent Markers or Paint
Googly Eyes
Cotton Balls
Grass seeds



1. Wash out your eggshells and let them dry. Add faces using permanent markers and stick-on googly eyes.



2. Place a damp cotton ball (or two) inside each egg shell.



3. Sprinkle on your grass seed over the cotton balls. We ended up completely covering our cotton balls so that we get enough “hair”.



4. Place in a sunny spot and in a few days it will start to sprout. Check the cotton ball every day to make sure it hasn’t dried out. If it has, use a medicine dropper to add a little bit more water.





After several days, the egg heads will have long, luscious locks!



Let your child trim their “hair” with scissors!


The grass will grow back, so once a week the egg heads can receive a haircut. :)



Grab your copy of The Garden Classroom today and begin enjoying gardening and learning together!



From The Garden Classroom by Cathy James, © 2015 by Cathy James. Reprinted by arrangement with Roost Books, an imprint of Shambhala Publications Inc., Boston, MA.

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