Elf Munch with White Chocolate Peppermint M&M’S®

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Glad & M&M’S®. All opinions are 100% mine.

Christmas is just around the corner! Although Santa may love cookies, his elves sure do love this Elf Munch. :)  The recipe is super simple and will take less than 10 minutes to throw together! Make some with your kiddos and package in a Glad Holiday Storage Container (available at Target only) for Santa to take back to the most underappreciated characters of Christmas! After all, they are the ones who do all the work! :)

Here are the ingredients:  Unbuttered Popcorn, Marshmallows, Butter, brown sugar (not pictured), White Chocolate Peppermint M&M’S® (available at Target only), and Glad Holiday Storage containers.



1. Melt 3 cups of miniature marshmallows with 2 tablespoons of butter. I put mine in a microwave-safe bowl and microwaved for 2 minutes and then stirred. You could also do it over the stove.



2. Add 3 tablespoons of brown sugar to the mixture, stir well, and microwave for 30 seconds. Stir well and continue microwaving for 30-second increments until the mixture is smooth. Make sure not to burn the brown sugar as you are microwaving.

The mixture should be slightly golden brown and smooth.

3. Pop a bag of unbuttered microwave popcorn according to package instructions and remove all the remaining kernels.

4. Add a generous amount of White Chocolate Peppermint M&M’S® and mix well (admittedly, we used most of the bag). :)

5. Spread out the mixture onto a piece of waxed paper into small clumps and let “dry” until it is no longer super sticky to the touch.

 The recipe is similar to a popcorn ball…but those are way too awkward to eat, in my opinion. :)  The White Chocolate Peppermint M&M’S® make it perfectly delicious with a hint of peppermint!



Use Glad Holiday Storage Products to store as well as give to friends, neighbors, and elves!

…and be sure to keep some around for your family as well! :)

Glad Holiday Storage Containers are also great for other goodies…like these M&M’s Chocolate Cookie Espresso Bites. The recipe can be found on the package of the storage containers!

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