Exploring Easter: Tuesday

The idea for today from Thriving Family is a great one, but one that is a little beyond our 3-year old and 1-year old abilities. :)  Here is the original idea from Thriving Family:  

“Make an Easter picture tree. Anchor a small branch in a pot. Have your kids look through magazines and cut out images that remind them of Jesus. Examples: A lamp because He is the Light of the World or a road because He is the one way to heaven. Glue pictures on card stock, attach short pieces of string, and hang the pictures on the branches.”

(Also, my friend Julie has a great idea for a Resurrection Tree as well.)

Instead, we’re going to do this activity that our youth minister sent us that I thought was a great “body part” review as well:

“Trace someone’s body on news print. Ask the following questions: If Christ lives in me… What do my hands do? 
Where do my feet go?
What do my eyes see? 
What does my mouth say? 
How do I think? 
How do I feel?
 Write everyone’s answers in the appropriate places on the traced body (hands, feet, eyes, mouth, head, heart). After doing this, go through your rooms and get rid of anything that would keep Jesus from living in you.”

*I’ll post pictures later today once we’ve had a chance to do the activity!

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