Exploring Easter: Wednesday

It’s time for a scavenger hunt! Look all around your house (both inside and outside) for things that represent the Easter story.

 Collect those items and then talk about them with your child. Here are just a few that we talked about:

-Cross made of sticks (where Jesus died)
-A Band-Aid (even that couldn’t make him better)
-A stone (that was rolled away in front of the tomb)
-Wrapping garments (that lay inside the tomb)
-Flower (for the new life we have in Jesus)

And we also had a literal example of blood (involving 2 fat lips) just a few minutes later! Big Brother had an unfortunate run-in with his sippy cup when he fell on top of it. And not even 20 minutes later, Little and Big were fighting over a ball and Little Brother fell face-first on the hard floor trying to reclaim what was rightfully his. What a day it’s been!

*This idea was adapted from the “Exploring Easter” feature at Thriving Family.


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