Feather Letters

This activity was a HUGE hit at our house. Big Brother would have continued this all afternoon if Mean-Old Mommy didn’t make him take a nap. :)  It’s also very open-ended and could be adapted for numbers and shapes as well!

Here’s what you’ll need:  a dry-erase marker, feathers, and a small markerboard. If you don’t have a markerboard at home (mine is one I had in my classroom), you could just cover a white piece of construction paper with contact paper.

1. Using your dry erase marker, write a large letter on the markerboard.
2. Give your child the feathers to place upon the lines of the letter.
Continue with more letters. This provides an excellent time to practice color recognition as well!
We even ventured into practicing tracing our numbers with the feathers. This activity is so versatile!
Guess who else liked the feathers??? :)
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