Foil River

It’s Day 11 of our 30 for 30 Challenge! Today we made a foil river!

Last summer my friend Mercedes posted this awesome idea for making a river out of foil in your yard! We finally tried it today and had SO much fun (until our water spout wouldn’t turn off, anyway…a special thanks to my wonderful father-in-law for fixing it!).

Here’s what you’ll need: foil, a water hose, and some odds and ends to send down the river!


Lay out your foil on a gentle slope in your yard and fold the edges upwards. Turn on the hose and put it at the top of your slope. You’ll need to carefully push the foil down into the grass to get the water flowing. :)


The stronger your water pressure, the stronger the current!





Watching a piece of chalk float down the river…




Floating pine cones down the river…



  1. Cute idea! We tried it this afternoon and our very flat yard made for some river current challenges (pooling in the middle) but we still had fun. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Wow what a wonderful idea! My 3yo son is always watching the water go down the gutter from the neighbor’s sprinklers. We try to be contientious about water usage in our home, we’re in water tight Nevada afterall, but I’m sure I can come up with something to recapture the water.

    How deep was the water (I couldn’t quite tell from the pic)?


  3. Great idea for summer vpk. We go to a different country every week. this would be great for the rainforest.

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