Gel Bag for Traveling

I thought this would be a fun take-along activity for Big Brother on our upcoming car travels. It’s like a sensory tub in a bag! I orginally found the inspiration for the bag here.


I used things we already had on hand:  the frogs were bought in a set (along with turtles, which I used for something else a while back) from Michael’s and the body wash was purchased free with coupons several months ago. I threw some stickers in there that were laying on my counter too. You could use anything to put inside..glitter, little plastic toys, alphabet or number stickers, etc. The possibilities are endless! Tailor it to the interest’s of your child…or do what I did and use what you already have, making it FREE! :)


1. Put the entire contents of the body gel inside the gallon-size plastic bag.


2. Add your stuff…we put in 2 frogs, a lily pad, and F-R-O-G stickers.


3. Push all the air out of the bag and seal. Add duct tape to the top to make sure you don’t get bath gel all over your car! I put 2 layers of duct tape…just in case. :)


We did a “test run” at home and I think it’s going to be a hit!

Another great take-along activity is the I Spy Bottle we created here. Safe travels, everyone!

*If traveling by airplane, don’t attempt to take this….they won’t let you take it on the plane since it is more than 2 oz. of gel. :) *


  1. Just remember you can't take this on a plane! You won't be able to get through security with the gel. :(

    But what a cute idea and a fun item to take along on road trips!

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  3. So I totally loved this idea and even though I didn't really have the time with preparing my home for 16 guests tomorrow, I dumped some bath gel in a bag for my little one and she just loved it… for 10 sec before she ripped the bag! I was shocked! I snatched it away (which made her really mad) and cleaned up the mess. I transferred the gel to another bag and this time reinforced it with packing tape! Now it crinkles! I totally recommend reinforcing the bag with tape! Thanks for the cute idea! Now, back to my cleaning! Haha!!!

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