Heart Art for Babies and Toddlers

Heart Art for Babies and Toddlers

Little Sister will be 1 in just a few weeks! I can hardly believe it. We attempted her very first art project and it was (kind of) a success…depending on how you measure a successful art project with an 11-month old, that is. :)  


Just a word of caution:  Please make sure you are supervising your child the entire time you are completing this activity. Babies and young toddlers are notoriously bad about putting things in their mouths (including paper), so please be vigilant. Also, please make sure that the contact paper doesn’t come in contact with your child’s face.


Here’s what you’ll need:  construction paper, scissors, and clear Contact paper.   IMG_6464     IMG_6469

1. Cut a frame out of your construction paper and add the contact paper, sticky side down. Turn over the frame.


2. Cut out hearts with the remaining construction paper. Make sure the hearts are large enough that they will not become a choking hazard for your child.

  IMG_6473     IMG_6480

3. Give your baby/toddler the frame with the Contact paper. Let your child put the hearts on the sticky paper.


And that’s it! Simplest art activity ever! :)


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