LEGO Duplo Shape Sorter

LEGO DUPLO Shape Sorter


Several years ago we created our own shape sorter using wooden blocks and a can of formula. In honor of LEGO week, we decided we would make a shape sorter for Little Sister using LEGO Duplos.


Toddler Approved shared a similar idea which includes a fun color sorting twist! Be sure and check out that post as well.


Here’s what you’ll need for your LEGO Duplo Shape Sorter:  LEGO Duplos, a shoebox, a pencil, and an Xacto knife.  

IMG_8696 1. Grab all your DUPLOs and choose which shapes you want to use on the shape sorter.


2. Position them on the lid of your shoebox.



3. Use a pencil to trace around each LEGO Duplo.



4. Then use an Xacto knife to cut your holes. Obviously, make sure you do this step away from your child and put the Xacto knife out of reach immediately.



All ready!



My little participant is ready and waiting for some shape-sorting fun!




IMG_8730 However, she was much more interested in removing the lid of the shoebox than sorting the LEGOs. :)



Little Brother decided he would offer a little bit of assistance.


  IMG_8749    Here are all the shapes in their corresponding holes.

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