A Lesson Learned: Perfect is boring

My little sister’s wedding was Friday night. She was a BEAUTIFUL bride! I am so very happy for my sister and new brother-in-law!

The wedding was beautiful and amazing…but not without a few hiccups in between. First of all, the ceremony was supposed to be outside in my parent’s yard. It rained the day before and the morning of and was forecasted to rain throughout the day, so they moved it to our church. It turned out to be amazing in the church, but I know my sister was just slightly disappointed that it wasn’t what she had originally envisioned.

Since we had rehearsed at the house and not the church, things were thrown off slightly. I made the HUGE mistake of sending out everyone too soon…which left a really long pause from when we got up front and when my sister came out. Some music also got cut off, which was really disappointing since the string quartet and a song my cousin had recorded were all so beautiful!

And the Ring Bearers (who just happened to be my children) were somewhat of a fiasco walking down the aisle. Which is funny, because at rehearsal they were PERFECT. I think the change of venue (and the fact that they had about a 30 minute nap) threw them off. Big Brother actually did really good, but he was trying to pull Little Brother along with him and he threw a HUGE fit. He started running back and forth and screaming. After jumping in there to shoo them down the aisle and Prince Charming and my mom waiting for them up front, they finally made it to the front and then to their seats. The flower girls did great…which was funny too because they had a hard time at the rehearsal.

I’ve been feeling really guilty about “ruining” the wedding by messing up the timing of us all walking in and then my boys being a mess. But as my dad and my husband said, the “mistakes” are the things that make it more memorable. Nobody remembers the wedding where everything goes perfectly. That’s boring. It’s the blunders and surprises that make a story worth retelling…or at least that’s what I keep trying to tell myself. :)

Everyone had a great time, especially the kids!

Our family at about 11:30 at night…the kids were SOOO tired but hung in there! 


  1. I tripped and fell after being pronounced husband and wife. My sister didn't feel well (my MOH) and we brought chairs out at the last minute which the best man didn't use and the pics were lop sided ohhh and the minister called my husband by his brother's name twice. 6 years later we laugh about it with each other and our families. At the end of the day you're married, that's all that matters.

  2. My wedding was not even a year ago yet. My girls came in way to fast, the night before my wedding one of my bridesmaids called and quit so we was short a girl. And to beat it all I put my husband's ring on the wrong figure during the ceremony. After it was all over we didn't even have a car arranged to take us to the reception, so we piled into a car with two of our grooms men and sing "Shout" all the way there.. No, wedding turns out perfect, if it did what would make it oh so special and worth telling over and over again.

  3. You're right! And so are Tracy and Lori! It would be hard to keep talking about a perfect wedding year after year… "It was perfect!" "Yes, it was!" "Yes…"

  4. My 5-yr-old son was ring-bearer in my friend's wedding this weekend too! I was soooo nervous he would get into one of his rebellious moods and ruin it, but he did such an amazing job. The flower girls were a mess, and he just did his part despite them and did it well… haha! I felt like such a stage mom just a few pews from the front winking and waving, whispering for him to hold the ring box right and whatnot. I'm just REALLY glad it's over now! It was way too much stress for me to handle! Haha.

  5. Don't feel bad! My son was a ring bearer when we was about two and a half and it was a NIGHTMARE! He is usually a very well behaved and shy little man. Not that day. He actually ran up the aisle screaming and threw his sippy cup (which he insisted on carrying) at the best man. Awesome. I cried because I was so embarrassed. :(

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