Make It: Homemade "Snowballs"

Last week I posted about using cotton balls for pretend snowballs. Today I’ll show you how you can make “snowballs” out of white yarn. These super light-weight balls are excellent for teaching your baby to throw. Plus, they make for some great “snowball” fights since getting hit in the face with one of these won’t hurt a bit!

Here’s what you’ll need:  white yarn and scissors!

1. Cut a piece of white yarn about 9-12 inches long. Set it aside.

2. Start wrapping yarn around 4 of your fingers…*take your wedding ring off first* (which I failed to do).
3. Keep going until you can barely wiggle your fingers. I obviously won’t be in the running to become a hand model with these scuffed up paws.

4. Carefully slide off the clump of yarn and place it on top of the piece of yarn that you cut in Step 1.

5. Wrap the piece of string around the yarn clump and then pull as tight as you can without breaking the yarn. Tie a knot.

6. Cut the loops using sharp scissors.

7. Trip rogue yarn pieces as necessary. :)

They even look good for decoration as well!

 Just a warning…you will most likely find loose pieces of white yarn around your house every now and then. :)

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Snowball Fight
Snowball Fight by Jimmy Fallon (yes, THAT Jimmy Fallon)  :)


  1. Adorable. I've done a similar (but not quite the same) technique to make little yarn apples – never thought to adapt it to snowballs, though. Time to pick up some white yarn! :) Thanks for the idea.

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