Santa Says

I might have mentioned before that for almost 3 WEEKS now, either one or both of the boys have been sick. We all have MAJOR cabin fever!

While Little Brother was napping this morning, I decided Big Brother needed some exercise. But we can’t go outside with that terrible cough…so we played “Santa Says.”

I held up one of the many Santa’s we have around our house. Then, Santa said to…

  • Run a lap (the layout of our home makes for a nice little track)
  • Jump 3 times
  • Touch your toes
  • Stand on one leg
  • Reach your arms to the sky
  • Touch your knees

You get the idea…And I’m sure you’ve probably already realized that “Santa Says” is really just a variation of “Simon Says.”

Big Brother didn’t really “get” the part about not following instructions when I didn’t say “Santa Says”, but that’s okay…I don’t really want him to get used to not listening to my instructions. :)

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