My First Game of Hide-and-Seek

Post by Contributing Writer Jennie

Every child loves the game of hide-and-seek. This version is for your little ones who have reached the developmental milestone of understanding object permanence, which means that your baby knows that a person or object still exists even when it can’t be seen. Typically this occurs around 8 months old, but remember every child develops differently! I knew my twins had reached this step in cognitive development when they began throwing things from their highchairs and then looking for them!

Here is what you’ll need: a small toy (preferably one that makes a sound) and a small blanket to cover the toy

Begin by showing your baby the toy,

then cover it up with the blanket. (You may want to leave a little bit of the toy showing the first time you play.)


“Where did it go? Can you find it?”

Here is the advantage of using a toy that makes a sound: they can hear it, but they can’t see it! This makes the game is even more intriguing!

Watch as your little one uses problem solving skills combined with his/her understanding of object permanence to find the toy!




Praise your little one on a job well done!


Jennie is a stay-at-home mom to an almost-3 year old boy and 9 month old boy/girl twins. She received a degree in early childhood education and has several years of experience teaching both Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten prior to having children. While she jokes that she’s had a successful day if “no one goes hungry or gets hurt”, she realizes that it’s the little things we do that we might not even know we’re doing that make a BIG difference to our children!


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