New Books!

New Books for the Summer


Our local library is having their annual Scholastic Book Fair this week, so the boys and I picked up a few new books that were all so good, I just had to share!


Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs

Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs by Mo Willems

This fractured fairy tale is hilarious. Your young child may not understand the humor unless they are familiar with the original Goldilocks and the Three Bears (my boys were a little clueless in some parts). Nevertheless, it is a very engaging read written with lots of sarcasm and humor that even adults can enjoy! Your kids will love the story that involves dinosaurs and you will love the hilarious tone with which Mo Willems pens this instant classic.


Smart Kids Space by Roger Priddy

Big Brother is semi-obsessed with learning about Outer Space right now. This nonfiction book was an absolutely perfect way to encourage this fascination with real facts and information. In fact, we have read it twice already today alone! The book is filled with engaging pictures and just enough facts about the planets without being too overwhelming for young children. This is the perfect nonfiction read for any future astronaut. :)

Z is for Moose

Z is for Moose by Kelly Bingham and Paul Zelinsky

This book is a humorous alphabet book with an over-eager (and revengeful) moose who just wants to be in the spotlight. It starts off like every other alphabet book but quickly takes a silly turn when the moose keeps wanting to jump in the pages of the alphabet book that are reserved for each corresponding letter. The Moose then gets very upset when “Mouse” is chosen for the letter M instead of him and tries to sabotage the rest of the alphabet book. This hilarious book is one that every family should have, especially for children who are already familiar with the alphabet!

Pete the Cat

Pete the Cat:  Pete’s Big Lunch by James Dean

This “easy reader” isn’t quite easy enough for Big Brother (the Books for Brand New Readers I shared has books that are just right for him now). It was a great book for us to tag-team. He would read the words that he could recognize by sight (or easily decode) and I would read the rest, being sure to model inflection and expression while reading. The story itself, a simplified version of the other Pete the Cat books, is a cute tale about Pete the Cat who decides to make himself a sandwich for lunch. He is really hungry, so he keeps on adding things to his sandwich until it is too big to eat. In the end, Pete decides to call and his cat friends over to share it with him. Overall, this is a great book for a beginning reader but not quite easy enough for brand new readers.

What new books have you and your children enjoyed lately?

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  1. I love these books! I used several of them in my Kinder classroom. I bought pretty much every Star Wars book that Scholastic offered at the half off sale the last few weeks of school. I also picked up several of the National Geographic for Kids books. Love them!

  2. We got Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs for Christmas. My 4yo daughter is familiar enough with the 3 bears story that she thinks it’s HILARIOUS. And Mommy and Daddy like reading it because frankly, it is hilarious!

    Thanks for the other recs. I think my kids would love Z is for Moose!

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