Plastic Baggy "My Shapes" Book

Remember when I showed you how to make these handy-dandy plastic baggie books? And remember I told you to make a few extras while you were at it?

Well, here is another use for them–a shape book for your preschooler!

Just mount index cards with pictures of different shapes and let your child add to their book as they find new shapes lying around the house. Mail, magazines, catalogs, and foam shapes are great additions! Plus, if your child is proficient at using scissors, it provides great cutting practice!


You can do the same thing with colors, letters, and numbers too! The possibilities truly are endless. :)


Literature Link
Round is a Mooncake: A Book of Shapes
A Circle Here, A Square There: My Shapes Book
Brown Rabbit's Shape Book (Little Rabbit Books)


Mouse Shapes


  1. My (almost) 8 month daughter loves these books! We've been playing with different ones to make too. We made a "People That Love Me" book with photographs of family members for her and a "My Body" book. Shapes would be a great addition!

  2. hi how are you.. i was just introduce to this page.. havent yet gone through in full. but what i really need help with is how to teach my four year old daughter to read.

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